How the Dairy Mating Service works

DMS® is the most effective and efficient way to achieve a mating that meets the goals of the dairyman: a high-producing cow with longevity. By focusing on the three major parts of the cow, this can be accomplished in one generation and perfected in subsequent generations. Each cow is visually analyzed to determine strengths and weaknesses which may be passed on to offspring. When available we also consider each animal's ancestry to find trends and patterns in the transmission of various genetic traits.

The three parts we analyze:

  • The front end - the health of the cow.

  • Udder and frame - the production of the cow.

  • The rear end - the reproduction of the cow.


Each cow is the coded using three of the following six codes, depending upon which parts of the cow need correcting:

014HO05006 Cedric-350x250.jpg

1 - Strong

2 - Smooth

3 - Style

4 - Dairy

5 - Tall

HFL6373 Koval Calvary 1588-350x250.png

6 - Flat bone

Cows are coded to improve their weakest traits. Bulls are coded for their ability to transmit their strengths. All of the bulls at every major A.I. organization in the United States and Canada are analyzed by a DMS analyst.