Jim Kuhtz

DMS (Dairy Mating Service) was started in 1967 by Jim Kuhtz. Jim was raised on a dairy farm in Waukesha, Wisconsin. In 1955, while working for a major AI organization, he moved to Modesto, California. After several years of working for this organization as a district sales manager, Jim worked as an analyzer for another consultant company. While analyzing for this company, he recognized a need among the dairy herds for not only an analysis system, but a mating system as well.

He started DMS, because he felt dairymen needed a herd analysis and mating program that was effective in meeting the commercial and registered herd needs. DMS resulted in a highly effective system that continues to help dairymen breed higher producing and longer living cattle with minimal problems.

Over the years, Jim personally trained other consultants to follow in his footsteps to give dairymen an accurate, comprehensive analysis of their herd. In 2001, Jim passed away, leaving the company in the hands of his nephew, Lee Kuhtz, a consultant for DMS for 30 years. DMS has since expanded beyond California into other states throughout the United States, giving other dairymen the opportunity to breed a balanced, functional herd.

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Lee Kuhtz

Nephew of Jim Kuhtz and current DMS owner, Lee Kuhtz, honed his knowledge of cattle on the same family's dairy farm in Wisconsin, where they milked a large herd of registered Guernesys. Lee has worked in the A.I. industry for more than 30 years.